Thursday, April 7, 2011

Satanists, Goths and Animal Torture, A Few Truths

Welcome to earth, land of stereotyping and blatant ignorance and stupidity. Here you will find people who think that all things dark are evil and all things light are good. Always i see the over-christianized and muslimized world throwing stones at anything and everything that isn't christian or muslim. You get it more from Christers in america and europe, but in the middle east you get a damn good deal of finger pointing from the muslim community if you aren't one of them. Today, i'm going to give this mass group of people some facts about religious satanism, gothic subculture and their relation to animals, children, crimes against both, and a bit of general info. I'll do this in one of those question and answer type on:

Q: What is religious Satanism?
A: Religious Satanism is a religion (or rather anti-religion in some cases). There are two main denominations of Satanism, LaVeyan and Setian. I'll focus on the LaVeyan here for a moment. LaVeyan satanism was started by circus performer, musician and photographer Anton LaVey. He started the Church of Satan in retaliation against religion. This version of satanism does not view any deity or demi-deity as leader. Satan to this group is a concept of rebellion, hence the occassional "Black Masses" that mock the Roman Catholic mass. Again, they do not recognize satan as a deity, they do not worship the devil (or as some sadly misinformed christians put it "satan"). The anti-religion of Satanism involves self love, hedonistic ideas and pagan like rituals. The rituals are usually a gathering and are more for social connection than for any spirituality. We can technically call them...hmm...let's go with aggressively atheist. A congregation of like minded adults who all strongly dislike christianity and the idea of the super deity "god".
Now for Setian satanism. Setian satanism is the worship of the ancient Egyptian deity Set. Those in this group believe in cultivating the self outside of the universe. In layman terms, they believe in the power of the self spirit rather than in the power of a universal spirit. There are varying practices amongst the Setian satanists, some worship Set while other view him like the LaVeyan's view "satan", as more of a principle. NEITHER DENOMINATION OF SATANISM PRACTICES ANY FORM OF SACRIFICE!!!! THEY DO NOT KILL ANIMALS, DO NOT ABUSE CHILDREN, DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, AND DO NOT TORTURE PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. ALL THOSE THINGS ARE IN FACT AGAINST THEIR BELIEFS!!!!!

Q: Isn't Satan the Devil?
A: This always makes me laugh because christians are so sadly misinformed about this aspect of their religion and bible. But i'm here to educate the poorly informed, so here we go...Satan which is the English equivalent translation (though it's not technically a translation) of "ha stn", is a word meaning a few things such as adversary and accuser. This word was tacked on to a few unpleasant people the Hebrews encountered during their supposed time in Egypt. One of these people called a ha stn was the pharaoh we hear about in the bible's book of Exodus. However, ha stn was never a name given to "the devil". The devil is a very different creature in biblical literature. The name "devil" was also falsely tacked onto the supposed fallen Morning Star/Light Bearer Angel known as Lucifer. Lucifer was not the devil nor a fallen Angel, Lucifer was a Babylonian king fallen from grace/defeated. And here's a little known fact, every now and then Jesus is referred to as Lucifer (Morning Star). Cool beans eh? Sucks the bible was so craptacularly translated though. Anywhoo...The Devil is an unpleasant critter that dwells in the nether worlds of a variety of religions, some of which predated judaism and christianity. He is not a unique idea amongst the ancient christians and jews. But yeah...lots of history to go through about the daimons/demons and devils so i'll wrap this answer up. SATAN IS NOT THE DEVIL THOUGH A DEVIL COULD BE CONSIDERED A SATAN. AGAIN SATAN IS NOT THE DEVIL!!!! SATAN IS NOT LUCIFER!!! THE DEVIL IS NOT LUCIFER!!!

Q: Aren't goths more prone to violence, animal torture, etc?

A: HOLY SHIT, NO!!!!! In fact they are less prone to those things in most cases (by most cases, i mean there's nuts in every kind of human group so there's always exceptions to rules). I'm a prime example of a goth that loves animals, hell i don't kill anything, not even bugs. I have yet to see a truly violent true goth. Most of us are hell bent on falling in love, getting laid, working, and just getting through life. We don't have time to consider doing evil things and most of us wouldn't consider it anyway. A good deal of goths have cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc. Many are involved in volunteer work for park clean ups, woodland care, and animal rescue and rehabilitation. Just because we look dark doesn't mean we're assholes. I've seen more jock types be violent than i have goth types. You don't hear about some goth dude going out and raping chicks. Or about some goth chick murdering cats for a good time. And i don't want to hear anything about that boob Rod Feral...that jackass was a nut, the exception to the rule you might say. He gave dark people a bad name, so did those columbine kids, though they weren't actually goth, they were just weird.

Q: But they always talk about death, dying and they draw/write deathy things all the time...
A: Well, death is a fascinating subject and i think we goths are more likely to view it for what it frankly really is...the end of existence, life. The lack of embodiment, the lack of any sort of anything. This makes us want to express our fears and beliefs about it so we take to writing/drawing/talking about it. A liking to know about death and its processes and to express feelings about it is not something to be all that worried about. I'd say a lack of feeling about death would be more of something to freak out about...those kinds of people are usually the sociopathic "i don't give a damn either way" types.

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