Sunday, July 17, 2011

Violence against Goths...

SOPHIE Foundation (UK) Holy fuck, i just read the saddest damn story about how some teenage dumb fucks murdered this girl and attempted to murder her boyfriend simply because they dressed in the gothic fashions. What the fuck?!?! Why hadn't i heard about this before? Well, probably because it happened in the UK and gods forbid the US report anything important from across the pond. This poor girl was beaten to death just because of how she and her boyfriend looked! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???!!!! I read these things and it makes me want to go out and bash in the skulls of anything blonde and "preppy". But that would be lowering ones self to the level of idiocy that only those types of people are truly capable. It outrages me that people do these things. These are your fellow humans! Who gives a flying fuck if they're in a different outfit, jesus fucking christ, this is the really real world people, DEATH IS THE END!!!! There ain't no coming back! If you hurt someone, they feel it the same damn way you would! It just fucking blows my mind that this shit happens and that there's people that think it's ok that people go about hurting other people based on their dress or beliefs. Thankfully the stupid shits that committed the murder were found guilty. If that crime had happened here in america, they wouldn't have been found guilty because america supports random acts of violent idiocy toward different people.
This whole thing reminds me of this case that happened down in Amarillo, Texas. This young lad, he was referred to as Sunshine, was murdered by a dumb jock dipshit just because he was a Punk rocker type. That fucking piece of shit jock got, shit...i think 10 years...let me look this up...oh, it was only 10 years probation...yeah, fuck you americans and your hatred for different people!. The jury had the opportunity to convict him of manslaughter but chose a very inappropriate sentence. That piece of shit Dustin Camp (yeah, if you find him..cough..) ran the poor kid over in his car...he fucking ran him over and got 10 fucking years probation.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU FUCKING HATEFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE??? I HOPE YOU PIECES OF VIOLENT SHIT GET CANCER; A SLOW PAINFUL CANCER! See what it's like for a while to be in horrendous pain (like the families you destroy) fucking pieces of violent useless shit.

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