Saturday, November 12, 2011

Helping the "Emo's"

If we take a moment and get technical, we can say that the Emo subculture/group is part of the "gothic" subculture. With that said, we must offer a helping hand to our Emo friends who may be in a bit of a pickle regarding their lives. According to a majority of today's teenagers (my niece included), Emo's are considered outcasts, chronically depressed, and abuse themselves. I'm going to be frank, i believe this way of thinking is just a way of ostracizing the Emo kids. They really aren't any different from the rest of the teenage world, they just appear to feel their emotions more acutely. Self punishing, of course, is something to be concerned about, as that is definitely NOT normal, for anyone or anything. If we set aside the self abuse, we can then see that indeed, these kids are just like any other.

Teens may read my blog, they may not, but if one is reading it and they have Emo friends or even just know of Emo kids, I urge you to get to know them. Those that may hurt themselves, try to be a friend to them. You may also want to convince them to seek help so that they no longer hurt themselves. If they don't self punish, then just be there to support them. Be a friend. In this world of hate, it is wise to show love to those that need it.

If any parents happen upon my blog and are worried that their child is Emo, unless they are harming themselves physically, do not worry. Emo appears to be more of a phase than a life long calling. The music and dress of the Emo "subculture" is perfectly normal. Teenagers are supposed to rebel, to act strangely, to test limits, and to try to find themselves. If you give them the freedom to express themselves now, they won't need to do it so extremely later on. As long as there is no drug use and no self abuse, your teenager should come through just fine. Unlike the traditional "gothic" subculture, Emo really does seem to be a phase. There are much worse things to be than Emo and one must remember that. There's much worse things to be than gothic too. Be thankful your teenager isn't a bleach blonde trollop or a football hero-whore. Be thankful they're not "gangsta", not into heavy drugs, not hateful towards those that are different. There are much worse things to be than Emo and i cannot state that enough.

When to call the psychologist? Well, if the kid is cutting himself/herself, it's time to take them to the shrink. Also if the child appears chronically depressed or talks of suicide regularly. If you find many drawings of suicide or suicide seems a common theme amongst their writings, researches, and arts, then you will want to sit them down, have a chat, and then call the psychologist to be on the safe side. With the Emo phase, there can be a higher instance of deep depression which could be why the kid likes the downer music, the cutting, and the overall darkness of the subculture. Again, if there is any sign of physical abuse to the self, call a doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.

A difference between Emo and Goth? Indeed, there is a difference. While both subcultures like darker dress and darker music, you may find that the Goths have something different about them. They like death but do like living too. They aren't usually prone to self punishing, though it can happen. Goths, in a general sense, are often quite a bit more jolly than the Emo's. Gothic, also, may not stay a phase but may become a life calling, which is fine. There's many successful goths. Emo on the other hand is a phase that rarely lasts past the age of 22. I believe the Emo kids, once they become adults, start to realize that life really isn't as bad as they thought and therefore come out of the phase. With goths, we usually understand life, death and all that jazz isn't really that bad from the beginning and as adults find an immense amount of beauty in the processes of existence.

To wrap this all up, if you know an Emo, have Emo friends, an Emo child, etc be a friend to them, show them support. They're people too, with thoughts and feelings just like everyone else.

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