Monday, March 5, 2012

A Small Bit on Clothing...

Well, in an effort to post something more frequently than once in a blue moon i am going to offer a little section here on clothing. We've all got to wear clothes, though i'm sure some of us would prefer to run about in the nude (i know i would). So here we go, a few pictures of the usual "goth" and "grunge" styles.
Here we have the standard black unisex fishnet shirt, the black denim jeans and a black bra underneath the shirt.  In the summer one can get away with this look quite easily though there are people that will look at you (if you're female) and call you a trollop for showing your bra.  However, this is NOT a trashy look but it certainly isn't a look for going to the grocery store with your mum.  I recommend reserving this or a similar type outfit for clubs, fairs, or outside daytime activities. If you're a bit more modest you could go with a band t-shirt and jeans paired up with motorcycle boots.
This look works well in almost any situation that doesn't call for dressing up. Though apparently it can make one look fat if the shirt you're wearing is too large like mine is here.
If you're not feeling "gothy", maybe grunge is more your style for the day. Here we have a classic grunge outfit consisting of a "hoodie" (i hate that damn word), a black form fitting long sleeve shirt, holey faded blue jeans and a pair of black boots. Some of this stuff here may actually date back to when grunge became popular...which really makes me feel old.

Whatever you want to wear, hell go for it. Like i said earlier, i'd rather run about nude. But if you want to wear that Scottish kilt, you do it. If you want to don those platform mary janes, you do it. If you want to go all out trench coat, black lipstick, eyeliner, shadow, white face paint, corset, fishnet shirt, black skirt/pants, you do it. What makes goth cool is how you put your own personal idea into it. You don't have to be perpetually clad in black, it's ok to add colour or to even switch to a different style of clothing here and there. Goth is what you make it my friends, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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