Monday, March 26, 2012

Some People are Just Horribly Misinformed

Tonight i stumbled upon a ridiculous website dedicated to some guy's version of christianity. What made it ridiculous was it's lack of actual knowledge and it's insertion of opinion as fact. This person has on his website a list of symbols and holidays he considers evil because they started out as pagan. Yeah, what a jerk, just assuming it's evil because it's pagan. We all know what assuming does though don't we? To assume is to make an ass (of) u (and) me. So, i decided to write this person a piece of my mind in an email, which i'll post. I'll post the website too, maybe if enough pagans got together and told him he was silly for thinking pagan holidays to be evil, he might change the wording on his website.

The Website: Nazarite Site

The Email i Sent:


On my quest to find out information on someone's Jesus fish on their front door, i stumbled upon your website's list of "Evil" Symbols. Upon reading, i discovered that a bit of religious, shall we say ignorance or perhaps opinion maybe, came shining through in a few snide comments. For the description of Peter's Cross, you stated that Satanists use the symbol and also called them "not the brightest folks to begin with". My friend, this is a bit of ignorance on your part, because believe it or not the Satanists do know that it is Peter's Cross, but they got a real kick out of giving Catholics a hard time. I believe we can say that it was the Catholics who were a bit dim about the matter because they were the ones that had a hissy fit about the crosses being inverted in the first place. In actuality, the true Laveyan Satanists used inverted crucifixes (crosses with little Jesuses on them, you know what they are) in their publicity stunt "Black Masses". Satanists do not really practice black magic (or any kind of magic for that matter). What they tell and show the public and what they really do are far far different things. We can safely call them aggressively atheist but they are nothing more. There are other Setian Satanists as well though, who differ from the Laveyan Satanists in belief and action, i advise looking them up, as you will get a better view of a real "Satanist" by reading about their "religion". Further, about the circle with the triangle in it aka the "gay symbol", that is indeed NOT the gay symbol, the gay symbol is an INVERTED triangle within a circle or sometimes it is just the inverted triangle. The one you display is not inverted. Also, you stated satanists use this symbol, if they do they use it for show. That symbol is actually found in a book called the Lemegeton aka The Goetia aka The Lesser Key of Solomon. This book is a lovely fictitiously delicious work produced in the 1400's. The symbol, sometimes a triangle with a circle inside or a circle with a triangle inside, was part of an altar configuration needed for daimon/demon containment and "conjuring". Now as i stated before, this book was a work of fiction and its contents are ridiculous as well as useless. However, i recommend reading it for informational purposes if you plan to go after the true history of certain symbols.

Now let's move on down to the Anarchy symbol. My friend, Jesus rebelled against the hierarchy of ancient Judaism with the hope of reform. To a point, anarchy is sometimes necessary as is rebellion.

For the non-inverted Petagram, Pagans do not celebrate Easter. They celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. Their holidays are as follows: Yule (winter solstice), Imbolc (Feb. 2), Ostara (spring equinox), Beltaine (May 1), Litha (summer solstice), Lughnassadh (Aug. 2), Mabon (autumn equinox), and Samhain (Oct. 30, Oct. 31, or Nov. 1).

Nero's Peace Sign. Crazy as he was, he had a point. There cannot be peace while christianity exists, for christianity has been deviated and corrupted by those using "Jesus'" name. Of course, quite frankly, there cannot be true peace while any religion exists, because no one can agree on just how to practice any one set of beliefs.

On many of the other symbols you have included opinion but no real facts as to the history of the symbols. When one gives facts it is customary to list where you obtained the facts so others can read your sources and form their own opinions. I am not trying to bring you down, but i just want to help clarify some things for you. :)

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