Type O Negative Links

This page has the links to many things Type O Negative. That is by far one of my favourite bands. I had always hoped to see them live but i reckon it wasn't supposed to be. Their sound was unique and their songs carried with them hints of humour, sadness, and joy. I got through my teenage years with help from the music that band created. In 2010 their singer and bassist passed away but his memory and music live on through his family and his fans. Please visit the following, even if you're not a fan yet, you may become one :)

For the Love of Pete SteeleA blog from Peter Steele's family that recounts childhood memories, good times, and good inside information on Type O Negative's singer and bassist. A lovely blog of which i am very fond. It's always nice to read such good things about the musicians you look up :)

Type O Negative Official SiteThe official Type O Negative band site. Here you can find information, pictures, band clothing, and more links. A very well put together band website :)

Type O Negative on WikipediaWikipedia's version of the facts :D

Type O's MyspaceHere you can listen to some recent tracks off their last record and get some generalized info.

Casket CrewA great site for fans (humour abound) :D

Vinnland! Help stop the oppression of the Vinnish people...haha, give it a read, it's funny.