Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homosexual Marriages...

The United States of America are divided on many issues. At this point in time the big divider is the political/religious viewpoint on homosexual marriages. Well quite frankly i think this is a bunch of bullshit. Homosexual marriages shouldn't be an issue; if two men or two women want to get married, let them. So someone's silly religion says "no!", that religion shouldn't dictate what everyone else does with their lives. Here we have states that allow 50 year old pervert men to marry 14 year old children (which apparently is also acceptable in the christian bible) yet these same perverts are the ones that get to vote against homosexual marriage. There's a hell of a lot wrong with that. Since when does church get to melt into state law? Did the founding fathers of our country not warn us against blending the two? Were they not in favour of keeping them separate? You see, the real issue here is Christianity, which, once again, is trying to take over everyone's lives. Not everyone is a christian, not everyone should have to bow to the christian way of thinking (which is very cruel, hateful, and bigoted more often than not). Our presidents should not be voted for because of their religious affiliations and their ridiculous views on supposedly "immoral" behaviours. If Jesus were here today, he'd be very pissed off at all these people calling themselves christians. Jesus was trying to get rid of the hateful teachings of ancient judaism. Anyone who reads the new testament of the bible could put that together. Jesus didn't agree with the teachings of what we now call the "old testament". He desperately tried to stop the hateful teachings but unfortunately was killed before he could make more of an impact. Then his supposed "followers" took his teachings and mixed them with the "old testament" hate speech to produce what we now call modern christianity. Jesus didn't mention one damn thing (in any translation of the bible) about homosexuality. Not one thing! The views modern christians have of homosexuals comes from ancient hate speech spewed by Hebrews that were angry with the Romans and Egyptians, who both practiced various sexual acts involving both heterosexuality and homosexuality. If two adults want to both willingly get married, even if they are of the same gender, they should be allowed to marry legally if not religiously. Church and state should be separate. Christianity should have absolutely NO say in who gets legally married. What does this have to do with gothic sub-culture? There are many goths who are homosexual and many who would probably like to have their relationships legally recognized for taxes, adoptions, and life or death situations involving medical treatment/funeral arrangements/etc. All hate needs to be stomped out. Whether it's how you dress, your gender, your sexuality, your race, or what you do for a living, the discrimination needs to end. The United States is supposed to be "the land of the free", but it's proving that under republican legislation, it will be "the land of the free ONLY if you're white, christian, straight and male". Well, you republican twats can take your idea of how things should be and shove it up your ass and rotate it. The power of christ/Jesus should compel you, not the power of ancient judaism.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost Adventures...

Last night's episode of Ghost Adventures had me interested (though i am not fond of the show).  But after a few minutes into the beginning of last night's show i started thinking that maybe it was wrong for them to do a show like this.  Most of their episodes have been light-hearted and involved people's "spirits" that have been long deceased whose family members are usually long gone as well.  But this Friday's was extremely different, it took a serious tone, a sad one even, because the parents and siblings of the deceased girl were still alive and hopeful that their child was still in the house with them in spirit form.  The episode told the tale of how this man's daughter died in a very brutal car collision that involved a tree.  The girl, only 17, did not die at the scene but was a few days later pronounced brain dead.  The family made the difficult decision none of us ever want to make and the girl passed away.  The family, grief stricken, believed that she was still in the house in some form or another.  For 7 years they even kept her cell phone in service and baked her a birthday cake.  The evidence discovered by the team just was not enough to be convincing to the general public (perhaps if they had more time they could have gathered more), but the parents got so excited over what they were hearing on the auditory equipment.  The Ghost Adventures team should stick to those that are long dead with no living close relatives.  To see this family's loss was extreme, it was both painful and sad.  That family's grief should not have been televised for the masses to "critique" and/or argue about.  True, there was a "ghost" story, but it was too soon to tell it to the loudly skeptical general public.  I hope in the future they consider the after effects and affects their episodes can have on both the families of those they work with and their viewers.  Not all who watch Ghost Adventures are kindly and my hope is that this family's grief and beliefs are not brutally criticized all over the internet by hateful individuals.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Some People are Just Horribly Misinformed

Tonight i stumbled upon a ridiculous website dedicated to some guy's version of christianity. What made it ridiculous was it's lack of actual knowledge and it's insertion of opinion as fact. This person has on his website a list of symbols and holidays he considers evil because they started out as pagan. Yeah, what a jerk, just assuming it's evil because it's pagan. We all know what assuming does though don't we? To assume is to make an ass (of) u (and) me. So, i decided to write this person a piece of my mind in an email, which i'll post. I'll post the website too, maybe if enough pagans got together and told him he was silly for thinking pagan holidays to be evil, he might change the wording on his website.

The Website: Nazarite Site

The Email i Sent:


On my quest to find out information on someone's Jesus fish on their front door, i stumbled upon your website's list of "Evil" Symbols. Upon reading, i discovered that a bit of religious, shall we say ignorance or perhaps opinion maybe, came shining through in a few snide comments. For the description of Peter's Cross, you stated that Satanists use the symbol and also called them "not the brightest folks to begin with". My friend, this is a bit of ignorance on your part, because believe it or not the Satanists do know that it is Peter's Cross, but they got a real kick out of giving Catholics a hard time. I believe we can say that it was the Catholics who were a bit dim about the matter because they were the ones that had a hissy fit about the crosses being inverted in the first place. In actuality, the true Laveyan Satanists used inverted crucifixes (crosses with little Jesuses on them, you know what they are) in their publicity stunt "Black Masses". Satanists do not really practice black magic (or any kind of magic for that matter). What they tell and show the public and what they really do are far far different things. We can safely call them aggressively atheist but they are nothing more. There are other Setian Satanists as well though, who differ from the Laveyan Satanists in belief and action, i advise looking them up, as you will get a better view of a real "Satanist" by reading about their "religion". Further, about the circle with the triangle in it aka the "gay symbol", that is indeed NOT the gay symbol, the gay symbol is an INVERTED triangle within a circle or sometimes it is just the inverted triangle. The one you display is not inverted. Also, you stated satanists use this symbol, if they do they use it for show. That symbol is actually found in a book called the Lemegeton aka The Goetia aka The Lesser Key of Solomon. This book is a lovely fictitiously delicious work produced in the 1400's. The symbol, sometimes a triangle with a circle inside or a circle with a triangle inside, was part of an altar configuration needed for daimon/demon containment and "conjuring". Now as i stated before, this book was a work of fiction and its contents are ridiculous as well as useless. However, i recommend reading it for informational purposes if you plan to go after the true history of certain symbols.

Now let's move on down to the Anarchy symbol. My friend, Jesus rebelled against the hierarchy of ancient Judaism with the hope of reform. To a point, anarchy is sometimes necessary as is rebellion.

For the non-inverted Petagram, Pagans do not celebrate Easter. They celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. Their holidays are as follows: Yule (winter solstice), Imbolc (Feb. 2), Ostara (spring equinox), Beltaine (May 1), Litha (summer solstice), Lughnassadh (Aug. 2), Mabon (autumn equinox), and Samhain (Oct. 30, Oct. 31, or Nov. 1).

Nero's Peace Sign. Crazy as he was, he had a point. There cannot be peace while christianity exists, for christianity has been deviated and corrupted by those using "Jesus'" name. Of course, quite frankly, there cannot be true peace while any religion exists, because no one can agree on just how to practice any one set of beliefs.

On many of the other symbols you have included opinion but no real facts as to the history of the symbols. When one gives facts it is customary to list where you obtained the facts so others can read your sources and form their own opinions. I am not trying to bring you down, but i just want to help clarify some things for you. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Small Bit on Clothing...

Well, in an effort to post something more frequently than once in a blue moon i am going to offer a little section here on clothing. We've all got to wear clothes, though i'm sure some of us would prefer to run about in the nude (i know i would). So here we go, a few pictures of the usual "goth" and "grunge" styles.
Here we have the standard black unisex fishnet shirt, the black denim jeans and a black bra underneath the shirt.  In the summer one can get away with this look quite easily though there are people that will look at you (if you're female) and call you a trollop for showing your bra.  However, this is NOT a trashy look but it certainly isn't a look for going to the grocery store with your mum.  I recommend reserving this or a similar type outfit for clubs, fairs, or outside daytime activities. If you're a bit more modest you could go with a band t-shirt and jeans paired up with motorcycle boots.
This look works well in almost any situation that doesn't call for dressing up. Though apparently it can make one look fat if the shirt you're wearing is too large like mine is here.
If you're not feeling "gothy", maybe grunge is more your style for the day. Here we have a classic grunge outfit consisting of a "hoodie" (i hate that damn word), a black form fitting long sleeve shirt, holey faded blue jeans and a pair of black boots. Some of this stuff here may actually date back to when grunge became popular...which really makes me feel old.

Whatever you want to wear, hell go for it. Like i said earlier, i'd rather run about nude. But if you want to wear that Scottish kilt, you do it. If you want to don those platform mary janes, you do it. If you want to go all out trench coat, black lipstick, eyeliner, shadow, white face paint, corset, fishnet shirt, black skirt/pants, you do it. What makes goth cool is how you put your own personal idea into it. You don't have to be perpetually clad in black, it's ok to add colour or to even switch to a different style of clothing here and there. Goth is what you make it my friends, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Social Anxiety: Life's Pain in the Ass

Social anxiety can hit anyone at any point in life but often times it attacks us early on in our teens and continues through adulthood. While this isn't necessarily a "goth" problem, it does account for why some "goths" are so reclusive. For those that don't have the issue it's difficult to understand how god-damned unpleasant it is for the person who has it. It's NOT a problem we asked for and often times isn't even technically our own fault but we get shit for having the issue anyway.

Too often people will call those with social anxiety recluses, fools, lazy, too introverted, unwilling to participate in life. All those things are terribly false and show how the ignorant just don't fucking know a damn thing about what they're talking about. For starters, lets explain what social anxiety is:
Social anxiety is an abnormal, often intense fear of talking with, being around, or seeing other people or a group of people (often times the stress will be so immense a person goes into a state of panic thus resulting in an anxiety attack or panic attack). It's also a pain in the ass when it comes to trying to find work and going to interviews (you're so damn nervous you talk a thousand miles per minute, fumble at times with your words, nearly run into things on your way out (or in) the door and thus have left an odd impression on the employer). It's a painful problem that causes numerous missed opportunities. It kills friendships and relationships because you're fearful of going out in public (real friends may stick by you though, maybe). In the worst case scenarios it can be deadly because at times you can be so freaked out by other human beings' thoughts, perceived or delusion, that you avoid going to the doctor for an ailment.

What starts the social anxiety usually has much to do with our early interactions during childhood. If a child is repeatedly rejected, ridiculed, or neglected by his/her peers or parents even, they eventually can come to develop this anxiety. It's seen more often in girls (because girls can be such bitches to other girls; i know firsthand) but boys are not immune to the condition. We come to fear, through obvious habit, being judged and thus socially rejected for so many years that our brains don't want to let us be involved with other humans. It's plain to see why this is more common amongst females as females are the more social of the genders to begin with (and this is true in many animal species as well) and the females rely heavily on the bonds with other females to feel comfortable and secure. We see this in many animal species as well as our own, it is the females that work together to get things done, so the need for bonding is very strong. Being human, we learn from observation and once the observation is made clear that we are not wanted in a group (or many) our brains decide to build barriers to protect us from the harms that this group (or groups) may cause. By the teen years, if the rejection and cruelty does not let up, we start to distance ourselves from the problems and some of us do such a good job at distancing ourselves we don't feel right in any group setting. By adulthood, without psychological therapy (pills aren't much use), we become loners and have trouble getting much of anything done that involves a social situation including getting a job. At this point we feel we are so inadequate socially (and personally) that no employer will have us or that we will fail once we get into the position.

Some will say, "oh it's just low self-esteem, it's not that bad". Those people don't know what the fuck they're talking about. It's a hell of a lot more than that and a hell of a lot harder to overcome. Some have better days, where they're able to at least pick up the phone to call for a pizza. Then there are bad days, where you fear going to the store because you'll have to talk to the cashier for a brief 30 seconds. For a few people social anxiety is a chemical imbalance, for others it's been a lifetime built problem that only a psychologist can help you through. Some people have just a mild case of the issue and can talk themselves into calmness during social situations while others have it so bad they almost (almost) qualify for social security disability because they're unable to leave their homes without getting panic attacks.

All this shit is caused because we encounter so many assholes when we're kids. And it seems with every new generation of demon spawn, those little demons get more and more cruel and find new and unique ways of tormenting their less attractive (or less socially accepted for some reason) peers. So to all those dipshits that think they understand social anxiety and call it a "minor" problem, FUCK YOU, the majority of you assholes probably helped cause the problem of social anxiety for someone out there.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Helping the "Emo's"

If we take a moment and get technical, we can say that the Emo subculture/group is part of the "gothic" subculture. With that said, we must offer a helping hand to our Emo friends who may be in a bit of a pickle regarding their lives. According to a majority of today's teenagers (my niece included), Emo's are considered outcasts, chronically depressed, and abuse themselves. I'm going to be frank, i believe this way of thinking is just a way of ostracizing the Emo kids. They really aren't any different from the rest of the teenage world, they just appear to feel their emotions more acutely. Self punishing, of course, is something to be concerned about, as that is definitely NOT normal, for anyone or anything. If we set aside the self abuse, we can then see that indeed, these kids are just like any other.

Teens may read my blog, they may not, but if one is reading it and they have Emo friends or even just know of Emo kids, I urge you to get to know them. Those that may hurt themselves, try to be a friend to them. You may also want to convince them to seek help so that they no longer hurt themselves. If they don't self punish, then just be there to support them. Be a friend. In this world of hate, it is wise to show love to those that need it.

If any parents happen upon my blog and are worried that their child is Emo, unless they are harming themselves physically, do not worry. Emo appears to be more of a phase than a life long calling. The music and dress of the Emo "subculture" is perfectly normal. Teenagers are supposed to rebel, to act strangely, to test limits, and to try to find themselves. If you give them the freedom to express themselves now, they won't need to do it so extremely later on. As long as there is no drug use and no self abuse, your teenager should come through just fine. Unlike the traditional "gothic" subculture, Emo really does seem to be a phase. There are much worse things to be than Emo and one must remember that. There's much worse things to be than gothic too. Be thankful your teenager isn't a bleach blonde trollop or a football hero-whore. Be thankful they're not "gangsta", not into heavy drugs, not hateful towards those that are different. There are much worse things to be than Emo and i cannot state that enough.

When to call the psychologist? Well, if the kid is cutting himself/herself, it's time to take them to the shrink. Also if the child appears chronically depressed or talks of suicide regularly. If you find many drawings of suicide or suicide seems a common theme amongst their writings, researches, and arts, then you will want to sit them down, have a chat, and then call the psychologist to be on the safe side. With the Emo phase, there can be a higher instance of deep depression which could be why the kid likes the downer music, the cutting, and the overall darkness of the subculture. Again, if there is any sign of physical abuse to the self, call a doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.

A difference between Emo and Goth? Indeed, there is a difference. While both subcultures like darker dress and darker music, you may find that the Goths have something different about them. They like death but do like living too. They aren't usually prone to self punishing, though it can happen. Goths, in a general sense, are often quite a bit more jolly than the Emo's. Gothic, also, may not stay a phase but may become a life calling, which is fine. There's many successful goths. Emo on the other hand is a phase that rarely lasts past the age of 22. I believe the Emo kids, once they become adults, start to realize that life really isn't as bad as they thought and therefore come out of the phase. With goths, we usually understand life, death and all that jazz isn't really that bad from the beginning and as adults find an immense amount of beauty in the processes of existence.

To wrap this all up, if you know an Emo, have Emo friends, an Emo child, etc be a friend to them, show them support. They're people too, with thoughts and feelings just like everyone else.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Violence against Goths...

SOPHIE Foundation (UK) Holy fuck, i just read the saddest damn story about how some teenage dumb fucks murdered this girl and attempted to murder her boyfriend simply because they dressed in the gothic fashions. What the fuck?!?! Why hadn't i heard about this before? Well, probably because it happened in the UK and gods forbid the US report anything important from across the pond. This poor girl was beaten to death just because of how she and her boyfriend looked! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???!!!! I read these things and it makes me want to go out and bash in the skulls of anything blonde and "preppy". But that would be lowering ones self to the level of idiocy that only those types of people are truly capable. It outrages me that people do these things. These are your fellow humans! Who gives a flying fuck if they're in a different outfit, jesus fucking christ, this is the really real world people, DEATH IS THE END!!!! There ain't no coming back! If you hurt someone, they feel it the same damn way you would! It just fucking blows my mind that this shit happens and that there's people that think it's ok that people go about hurting other people based on their dress or beliefs. Thankfully the stupid shits that committed the murder were found guilty. If that crime had happened here in america, they wouldn't have been found guilty because america supports random acts of violent idiocy toward different people.
This whole thing reminds me of this case that happened down in Amarillo, Texas. This young lad, he was referred to as Sunshine, was murdered by a dumb jock dipshit just because he was a Punk rocker type. That fucking piece of shit jock got, shit...i think 10 years...let me look this up...oh, it was only 10 years probation...yeah, fuck you americans and your hatred for different people!. The jury had the opportunity to convict him of manslaughter but chose a very inappropriate sentence. That piece of shit Dustin Camp (yeah, if you find him..cough..) ran the poor kid over in his car...he fucking ran him over and got 10 fucking years probation.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU FUCKING HATEFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE??? I HOPE YOU PIECES OF VIOLENT SHIT GET CANCER; A SLOW PAINFUL CANCER! See what it's like for a while to be in horrendous pain (like the families you destroy) fucking pieces of violent useless shit.