Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost Adventures...

Last night's episode of Ghost Adventures had me interested (though i am not fond of the show).  But after a few minutes into the beginning of last night's show i started thinking that maybe it was wrong for them to do a show like this.  Most of their episodes have been light-hearted and involved people's "spirits" that have been long deceased whose family members are usually long gone as well.  But this Friday's was extremely different, it took a serious tone, a sad one even, because the parents and siblings of the deceased girl were still alive and hopeful that their child was still in the house with them in spirit form.  The episode told the tale of how this man's daughter died in a very brutal car collision that involved a tree.  The girl, only 17, did not die at the scene but was a few days later pronounced brain dead.  The family made the difficult decision none of us ever want to make and the girl passed away.  The family, grief stricken, believed that she was still in the house in some form or another.  For 7 years they even kept her cell phone in service and baked her a birthday cake.  The evidence discovered by the team just was not enough to be convincing to the general public (perhaps if they had more time they could have gathered more), but the parents got so excited over what they were hearing on the auditory equipment.  The Ghost Adventures team should stick to those that are long dead with no living close relatives.  To see this family's loss was extreme, it was both painful and sad.  That family's grief should not have been televised for the masses to "critique" and/or argue about.  True, there was a "ghost" story, but it was too soon to tell it to the loudly skeptical general public.  I hope in the future they consider the after effects and affects their episodes can have on both the families of those they work with and their viewers.  Not all who watch Ghost Adventures are kindly and my hope is that this family's grief and beliefs are not brutally criticized all over the internet by hateful individuals.

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